Fairy Tale Monsters Come to Life in Dark Parables: Queen Of Sands

Dark Parables: Queen of Sands review

This Dark Parables: Queen of Sands review is brought to you by Big Fish Games. All opinions are our own. If you love playing online games then the latest from Big Fish Games, Dark Parables: Queen Of Sands is definitely one you’ll love to have fun with. Not only is it a great game that is full of all the spooky stuff you love, it is easy to download and use on your PC or […] Read More

Party Games for Teens Stuck Indoors This Summer

Weather forecast calling for rain on your party day? No worries! Check out these awesome DIY party games for teenagers indoors & keep the party going!

I love throwing parties for my friends, and these Party Games For Teenagers Indoors are some of my faves.  Of course, parents may have to be present, but that is okay.  Planning a fun party can be all about the food, the entertainment (movies, music), or all about the games.  I love throwing themed parties that my friends will enjoy.  Things like Hunger Games parties are really popular right now, and these are some of […] Read More

10 Hunger Games T-Shirts For Your Summer Wardrobe

Show your solidarity and love for Katniss while awaiting Mocking Jay 2 with these 10 Hunger games t-shirts that are perfect for your summer wardrobe!

If you are headed to the beach a lot like me, or maybe going on a vacation with your family then you need these 10 Hunger Games T-Shirts For Your Summer Wardrobe.  I adore Katniss, and am counting down the days until Mockingjay Part 2 is released.  Since I have already read all of the books, I know what to expect and can’t wait to see it on the big screen.  Since I have to […] Read More

Are Your Favorite Shows Coming Back in the Fall?

favorite shows coming back in fall

Every year, the networks put out what they call the “upfronts,” where they announce the shows coming back in the fall  and shows that got cancelled. I’m not going to give you an exhaustive list of all the canned and renewed shows because, let’s be honest, half of them are boring anyway. I dug out the shows that we really care about and found out their status! So here you have it, a condensed list […] Read More

One Direction Helps Raise Awareness for Foster Care Month


The guys of One Direction prove that their hearts are as big as their record sales by supporting Foster Care Month. They’ve graciously allowed FosterMore, an organization that is passionate about encouraging more loving families to foster, the use of theur song, “Story of My Life” for their new Public Service Annoucement (PSA). One Direction Lends Voice to FosterMore PSA The One Direction song is a perfect fit into FosterMore’s message of shining a light […] Read More

Celebrity Fashion: Dress Like Colbie Caillat For Less!

Want to dress like Colbie Caillat but don't have a pop star budget? Check out our lookalike fashion board with cheaper finds from your favorite retailers!

Love how American singer-songwriter Colbie Caillat dresses, but don’t have a pop star budget? We’ve put together a Colbie-inspired outfit that costs less than $225! The boots are the most expensive part, and you can wear those with other outfits. In fact, each piece of this Colbie Caillat outfit can be worn with other pieces, stretching your wardrobe much further.  Read on to learn how to dress like a celebrity for less! Colbie Caillat Fashion […] Read More

Meet Casey and Athena of Tomorrowland

Looking forward to the release of Tomorrowland? Get a sneak peek at Athena and Casey, the two very different lead female roles in the futuristic fun movie!

Are you getting excited about the upcoming release of Tomorrowland? I am! I think it’s going to be such a fascinating movie. I’ve always believe that time is a human concept that doesn’t really exist,  so the idea of a place that exists between space and time? So cool! I would LOVE to live there, especially since I’m always running out of both time AND space! Meet the Tomorrowland Characters Want to get a sneak […] Read More

Faction Focused Divergent Party Ideas

Looking for a cool party idea for teens? Check out our faction-focused Divergent party ideas and DIY party games! Which faction will your guests choose?

We love the great crossover movies based up on the Divergent book series by Veronica Roth, and these Faction Focused Divergent Party Ideas are a great way to bring the books and movies home. Whether you are hosting a themed party just because, or using it as a way to have a fun themed birthday, this is a great popular idea that all the teens will love. Dressing as part of a faction, taking truth […] Read More

Hottest Summer Movie Releases for Teens (Complete with Trailers!)

Hottest Summer Movie Relaease For Teens

Check out the Hottest Summer Movie Releases For Teens to go see this year!  We love the new movies coming out this year.  There are some great sequels to hot movies, as well as a few awesome revamps of classic movies.  We have included all of the movies we feel are teen appropriate with ratings PG-13 and below, or stated as not yet rated at the time of this post.  There  are additional movies that […] Read More

Enter the $1,000 Superhero Celebration Giveaway from Birthday Express


**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links Want the chance to win the ultimate celebration for you and your friends? Birthday Express is giving away a $1,000 party package to one lucky winner! You can enter every day from now through 5/17, so that’s a lot of chances to win!   Birthday Express has hundreds of fun party themes for teens! Throw […] Read More