Take off Into Excitement with these Planes Party Games for Kids

Planes Party Games for Kids

These Planes party games for kids will make your Disney Plane’s theme party a huge hit! With the release of Planes: Fire and Rescue, kids will definitely be asking for parties with their favorite characters. Keep your little guests entertained with our fun and easy games! Planes Party Games for Kids Recommended Supplies (affiliate links included): Musical Planes One of the easiest Planes party games for kids is a play on the classic musical chairs. [...] Read More

Back to School Reading Games for Kids

Back to school reading games

These back to school reading games will help get your kids ready for the return to learning! Reading is a fundamental part of a kid’s life when they are young and if we are successful, it will follow them throughout their lifetime. Every year when back to season starts, back to school reading games become very important. These games boost your kid’s reading potential a great deal and help them to get in the groove [...] Read More

Rock Your Disney’s Brave Party With These Games

Brave Party Games for Kids

Looking for fun Brave party games for kids? We have you covered! You know by now that you can’t plan an amazing party without including games, right? I mean, what else would you do during the event? Idle kids equals disaster of epic proportions! Disney’s Brave is still a hit among the tiny tots, so we thought it would be fun to share a few cute ideas for Brave party games for kids. Check them [...] Read More

Hot Wheels Track Builder Review + $50 Prize Pack Giveaway (Canada Only) #HWTrackBuilder

Hot Wheels Track Builder review featured

We’re excited to bring you this Hot Wheels Track Builder Review as part of the Hot Wheels® Parent Connector Club with with @HotWheelsCanada, As part of the Club, we have the chance to check out some of the coolest, most innovative Hot Wheels products, starting with this ultra fun Hot Wheels Track Builder Challenge. My son is almost nine years old, and getting a bit old for Hot Wheels race cars – at least that [...] Read More

Math on the Road: Fun Road Trip Math Games for Kids

Math on the Road: Math Games for Kids

Math games for kids are a fun way to keep learning going all year round. Now that summer is here, you’ll have a lot of time to spend with your children. If you’re like a lot of families, you probably don’t want your children to lose those math skills they learned last school year. Fun Math Games for Kids to Play on the Road This post contains affiliate links. Fuel Efficiency This game is great [...] Read More

15 Board Games for Kids to Make Preschool Fun!


Board games for preschoolers are a great way to help your kids learn valuable skills. Top early learning educators agree that play is the best form of education for young children. When doing so they are learning new vocabulary words, fine motor skills, critical thinking, problem solving, and so much more! This is the great thing about preschool education – learning is truly fun. Set aside time in your daily schedule to play board games [...] Read More

Low Stress, Maximum Fun at Daddy Camp for Kids

Daddy Camp featured

As a teacher I have my summers off, so I take care of my two children. I run what my kids call Daddy Camp. I decided to give them a good balance of physical fitness, academics, and creativity, along with pure non-learning fun. The goal is to de-stress my son, who has been working hard at mastering French, a language that neither my wife nor I really speak with any competency. Not all parents have [...] Read More

Make a Splash with These Fun Pool Party Toys for Kids

Pool party toys for kids| My Kids Guide

With summer in full gear, we thought it would be fun to share some of the coolest pool party toys for kids! A pool is not a pool for kids until toys are tossed into it! Kids want to dive for toys, float on inflatables, and slide in as fast as possible. The list below is full of the toys that will fill all of these needs. Whether you are having a pool party, or [...] Read More

Cute & Easy Woven Basket Craft for Kids Made By Kids!

Woven Basket Craft for Kids

This cute woven basket craft for kids takes very few supplies, which makes it easy to create on a whim.  Assembly does take a little more time than most crafts, so make sure you carve out at least 30 minutes of your day to spend on it. The weaving can prove to be a bit difficult for younger children, so this craft is better suited towards older kids.  Younger children may also have a more [...] Read More

Fantastic Back to Preschool Books for Kids

Back to Preschool Books

Are your little ones heading back to preschool? I’m not sure who dislikes dropping off the kids at preschool more – kids? or parents? When my oldest children were little they attended preschool while I worked outside of the home. We would arrive when the doors open in the morning and I stayed to play with my children for almost two hours to get them comfortable with me leaving. It never worked. Even after the [...] Read More