Have a Frightfully Good Time with Halloween Games For Kids

Have a Frightfully Good Time with Halloween Games For Kids | MyKidsGuide

Halloween is just around the corner and those amazing parties are happening earlier and earlier every year, which means you need some great Halloween games for kids! This year’s festivities can begin as early as October 10th! Grab your calendar and notebook and let’s get planning! First thing’s first, set the date. You want to be the first host to get those party invites sent out so you need to decide NOW! Okay, so not [...] Read More

Ricky Ricotta Gets a Full-Color Makeover + Awesome Giveaway (US)! #RickyRicotta

Ricky Ricotta Books for Kids

Do your children love the Ricky Ricotta books for kids? They’re going to be super excited to hear that the series got a brand new, full-color makeover! I received the first four books in the series to check out for this Ricky Ricotta review. My son is a HUGE fan of Dav Pilkey, so he was thrilled to see one of his favorite series come to life in vivid color. If you’re thinking “who is [...] Read More

Scare up Some Fun With Mini Halloween Bags Craft for Kids

Mini Halloween Bag Craft for Kids

This fun and easy Halloween Bags craft for kids is a great way to get your children excited about the upcoming holiday. We promise they’re not too scary! The mini size makes them perfect for your Halloween party! Send kids home with a handful of treats or other goodies. While your kids may need a little bit of help with the cutting, for the most part they can do the majority of this craft on [...] Read More

Suspense-Filled Spy Party Games for Kids

Spy party games for kids

Spy party games for kids are fun to include during your detective party, or just to make a playdate more intriguing. Think about it: how often did you play “international super secret spy” as a child? The Spy Kids series made such games even more popular. Pretending to be a character of mystery and intrigue is one of the best parts of childhood! Your party guests will love spending the day acting like miniature James Bonds, [...] Read More

Best Spiderman Halloween Costumes For Boys AND Girls!

SpidermanCostumes Halloween

When I started this article I wasn’t sure how many Spiderman Halloween costumes for kids would be in this list. Instead, I learned that boys and GIRLS of all ages enjoy dressing up as this web-slinging super hero (yes, even the girls). Does your little one LOVE Spiderman? Look no further for the best Spiderman Halloween costumes on the web – My Kids Guide already found them for you! Our favorite is the Marvel Spider-Girl [...] Read More

Make a Splash with Mermaid Party Games for Kids

Mermaid Party Games for Kids

Mermaid party games for kids are a great way to really make a splash at your little girl’s next party! Whether your guests are fans of Disney’s Little Mermaid or just love the beautiful mythical creatures, they’re going to adore these games! Make your party even more special by asking your guests to dress like mermaids with sparkling gowns! Obviously, it would be a bit difficult to have them running out with fins instead of [...] Read More

Webslinging Fun SpiderMan Party Supplies for Kids

SpidermanParty Supplies

If you have a little boy, chances are you’re going to need some Spiderman party supplies at some point! Can you believe Spiderman has been a birthday party staple for almost forty years! It is true! Since the first film aired on television in the late seventies, he has been a character loved by all. If your little one hasn’t had their own Spiderman party yet, you need to make this year THE year to [...] Read More

Mabel’s Labels Makes Cute Labels for Kids & Tweens! + Giveaway

labels for kids Mabel Labels3 featured

We received complimentary products to facilitate this Mabel’s Labels review. All opinions are our own. Labeling school supplies and kids clothes is a daunting task for me! I am sure it is for many parents. You need to find the right size of the labels, write their name, find a pen that does not erase that name, stick it to the supply or clothes make sure it sticks forever and so on. But with Mabel’s [...] Read More

Fun And Engaging Jewelry Party Games for Kids

Jewelry Party Games for Kids

Jewelry party games for kids are a fun way to fill the time at your child’s party while also giving kids something that they can take home with them. Basically, they’re like activities and goodie bag treats all in one! The great thing about these games is that they’re perfect for both boys and girls. If you have both at your party, just be sure to pick up a variety of colors that will appeal [...] Read More

Inspire Creative Play with Lakeshore’s Build-It-Yourself Woodworking Kit for kids

Inspire Creative Play with Lakeshore's Build-It-Yourself Woodworking Kit for kids Review

We received a complimentary Lakeshore Woodworking Kit for kid to facilitate this review. All opinions are our own. My 5-year-old son could sit and build with blocks all day. He sits diligently and creates whatever is hot on his mind. Unlike my daughter, he really isn’t into drawing or painting. Give him blocks or any other stackable object on the other hand and he’s good to go. Over the last year he has really started [...] Read More