Out of This Galaxy Star Wars Party Games for Kids

Star Wars Party Games for Kids

Looking for Star Wars party games for kids that are out of this galaxy? Read on! Although the movie originally released many decades ago, Star Wars remains extremely popular today. Kids everywhere are reliving the excitement and drama of the original and adding new adventures all the time. Star Wars actually is the perfect themed party to enjoy as well. You can find unlimited party favors and fun both online and in retail stores everywhere. [...] Read More

Encourage Kids to Read with a Beautiful Bookmark Craft!

Bookmark Craft For Kids

This bookmark craft for kids isn’t just fantastic for marking your child’s place in their favorite book, it makes a lovely handmade gift to give to parents!  Bookmarks are a fun and easy craft to make, and the variations are endless!  Today’s featured craft turns an easy bookmark into a learning activity.  Lacing not only adds a special touch to your craft, it helps your child build many skills, such as: Hand/Eye Coordination is improved [...] Read More

Head Down the Rabbit Hole with Alice in Wonderland Party Games for Kids + Free Printable!

Alice in Wonderland Party Games for kids

Plan an exciting trip down the rabbit hole with these Alice in Wonderland party games for kids! Alice and her magical journey through the mysterious world of Wonderland is a story that has captivated kids and adults alike for generations. While the story has been told through dozens of movie incarnations, the most popular for kids are, of course, the Disney versions (both the animated and the 2010 live-action starring Johnny Depp as the Mad [...] Read More

Dig in to Fun With the Play-Doh Double Desserts Sweet Shoppe from Hasbro

Playdoh Review Featured

We received a complimentary play set for this Play-Doh Double Desserts Sweet Shoppe review. All opinions are our own. Before I get into the Play-Doh Double Desserts Sweet Shoppe review, I want to tell you a little story. When I got pregnant, I started thinking about all the fun toys I could finally play with again. Play-Doh was at the top of my list! I couldn’t wait until that magical moment when my son would [...] Read More

Wreck-It Ralph Party Games For Kids that Won’t Wreck Your House

wreck-it ralph party games for kids

Need Wreck-It Ralph party games for kids that won’t wreck your house? Check out our fun games! These activities are perfect for your Wreck-it Ralph party. Best of all, they won’t leave your house a total disaster when the kids are done! Of course, if they do, you can always have Fix-It Felix come clean up! Wreck-It Ralph Party Games For Kids Coin Toss For this game, you will have to make a huge golden [...] Read More

1,2,3, Fun! Counting Games for Preschoolers

Counting games for preschoolers

Get your little one ready for school with these fun counting games for preschoolers! Are you sending your child off to preschool for the first time? In preschool, your child will learn a lot of new skills that will help them be successful in kindergarten, including math. If you want to help give your preschooler a boost this school year, try playing some counting math games. By playing these games, you will give your child [...] Read More

Sophia The First Party Games For Kids

Sophia the First party games for kids| MyKidsGuide.com

If you want to try out some Princess party games for your little ones, nothing can work better than Sophia the First party games. These games are fun, engaging and absolutely enticing as well. Your guests will absolutely love them! When your guests are happy, you know you’ve done a perfect job of planning an amazing party! Sophia the First Party Games for Kids Princess Dress Up Game This is one of the best and [...] Read More

Three Weeks Into Summer & We Are All Exhausted at Daddy Camp!

Daddy Camp Down Time

Like any good parent I wanted to provide my children with a fun and exciting summer, and as a result we found ourselves exhausted by the weekend, and even more tired by Monday at Daddy Camp. Only rainy days placed obstacles to our frenetic pace, and something had to give. Clearly I had over-planned the summer, and just as clearly I had to slow things down some. Handling Daddy Camp Exhaustion: What to do when [...] Read More

It’s Elmo’s World! Cute Elmo Party Games for Kids

Elmo party games for kids featured

If you’re planning a Sesame Street party, you’ll need some cute Elmo party games for kids! He is, after all, one of the most popular Sesame Street characters among the toddler and preschool set!  Keep in mind that Elmo parties typically include young children, so you’ll want to keep the games easy enough for them. On the other hand, if you have a few older guests, you don’t want them to be bored either! We [...] Read More

A Little Bird Craft for Kids to Brighten Your Home!

Bird Craft for Kids

This adorable little bird craft for kids definitely takes a little more time, but it is still very easy to complete, which makes it a great craft for all ages.  You can paint them any color that you like, but the pink turned out very well.  We’ve even left the legs off and glued clothespins underneath so that we can display them around the house.  They’re perfect for summer decorating! How to make this cute [...] Read More