Host a Fun Party with Carnival Crafts for Kids

Carnival Crafts for Kids

If you’re planning to host a neighborhood carnival party, you’re going to need some fun carnival crafts for kids! Set up booths throughout the event to give kids a break from all the fun carnival games and indulge their creative sides. We’ve gathered up a few of our favorite craft ideas that would work perfect at your event. Take a look! Fun Carnival Crafts for Kids A corn shaker craft is super easy for large [...] Read More

Fun Carnival Party Games Toys For Kids

Carnival Toys for Kids

Party planning isn’t the easiest of tasks. There are so many details to consider you might wonder where to begin. The whole event can seem unwieldy and chaotic when you have to decide what to set up to create a festive atmosphere, what games to play to get everyone involved, what activities to provide to keep all the guests entertained, and how to ensure that everything runs smoothly. But you can always start by buying [...] Read More

May Movie Releases: Awesome DVD Movies for Kids

May Movies for Kids

Looking for fun movies for kids releasing on DVD in May? Check out a few of our favorites coming out during the month! While the big blockbusters are usually found in theaters during the summer, May has some fun cartoons for kids coming out that will be perfect for those rainy weekend days. I’ve made it easy to find great movies for kids for May by gathering up the best upcoming DVD releases for May. [...] Read More

Scooby-Doo Party Games for Kids: Activities, Crafts & More

Scooby Doo Party Ideas for Kids

This Scooby-Doo Party games for Kids post contains affiliate links. I grew up watching Scooby-Doo on television as I am sure so many did and now our children are growing up watching our child hood favorites!  Scooby, Shaggy, Velma, Fred, and Daphne are all back in the direct-to-video film, WrestleMania Mystery released March 25th.  Scooby and the gang have teamed up with some of WWE’s Superstars to solve the WrestleMania Mystery. If you haven’t already [...] Read More

Scooby-Doo Inspired Detective Activities for Kids

Detective Activities for Kids

Sticking with the theme of our Scooby-Doo week, I thought it would be fun to come up with some detective ideas for kids! Children are naturally curious and love solving mysteries, which is probably what makes Scooby and the gang so appealing. Encourage that desire to explore with these fun activities that will have them acting like detectives in no time! Fun Detective Activities for Kids Invisible Ink Writing: Good detectives always protect their sources! Let [...] Read More

Duckie Deck Sandwich Chef App for Kids Lets Your Child Play Chef!

Duckie Deck Sandwich Chef App for Kids

This post is brought to you by Duckie Deck Sandwich Chef app for kids. All opinions are our own. If you’ve read our sister site, OurFamilyWorld, you know that we love getting kids excited about helping out in the kitchen! Teaching kids about healthy eating at an early age not only helps them learn how to take care of their own families when they grow up, it’s a great way to prevent childhood obesity. One [...] Read More

Guillow’s Foam and Balsa Wood Gliders High-Flying Toys for Kids + Giveaway (US)

Gliders Toys for Kids

We received a lovely package filled with Guillow’s Foam and Balsa Wood Gliders toys for kids to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own. Remember the foam and balsa wood glider toys for kids that we played with as children? Well, there’s a very good change they were made by Guillow’s! In fact, there’s probably an excellent chance that our parents and grandparents played with the very same brand! I absolutely love when a [...] Read More

Top 5 Essential Scooby-Doo Movies for Kids

Scooby-Doo Movies for Kids

In case you can’t tell, it’s Scooby-Doo week here on MyKidsGuide! I have to tell you, I’m excited because Scooby has always been one of my favorite cartoons. In fact, I started buying my son Scooby-Doo movies for kids when he was a toddler. Now, I think he has every single movie and cartoon incarnation that has ever come out. There are dozens of them, making it hard to decide where to start. I’ve come [...] Read More

5 Fantastic Scooby Doo Toys For Kids

Scooby Doo Toys for Kids f

Scooby Doo has been one of the most popular cartoons for kids for decades now. I remember watching it as a child myself! Of course, when a show is popular, your kids will want toys from it to recreate their favorite scenes. Check out a few of our favorite Scooby Doo toys for kids! Affiliate links are included to help you find items. There are tons of great Scooby Doo toys for kids out there.  [...] Read More

Bears Movie Party Ideas for Kids: Activities and Crafts to Celebrate Bears the Movie

Bears Movie Party Craft

April 22nd is Earth Day 2014.  Our family will be celebrating with DisneyNature and a Bears Movie Party.  DisneyNature’s new True Life Adventure Bears is all about the adventures of a bear family, especially of two very impressionable young cubs learning life’s most important lessons. My “cubs” are all at very impressionable ages as well and I am excited to celebrate with them as we learn so much from this great new movie.  We’ve invited [...] Read More