Interactive Puzzle Games by Popar 3D Take Puzzles to a New Level

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My daughter and I had the opportunity to review two of the 3D Interactive Puzzle Games by Popar Toys.  It sounded like an interesting concept and looked forward to seeing if Mary-Grace would enjoy it or not. We were given the choice of selecting two puzzle games. We chose “Picnic” and “Princess.”

Popar 3D Interactive Puzzle Games

What is an interactive puzzle game?

An interactive puzzle is just what is sounds like, a puzzle that lets you be part of it. Instead of just putting a puzzle together and that being the end of the fun, it being interactive allows you to play a role by dressing up a princess or squashing a bug.

Popar 3D Interactive Puzzle Games Princess Puzzle

What Do I Need to Play?
All you need to do is purchase a puzzle game. This will include the actual puzzle pieces that you put together by hand. For the interactive features, you need either an iPhone 4 or newer, iPad 2 or newer, iPad Mini or an Android device that has a camera. Then just download the app from the Google Play or App Store.

How To Play the 3D Interactive Puzzle Games

We started with the “Picnic” puzzle. Mary-Grace, who is 4, is very good at putting puzzles together. This one is 100 pieces and it took us a bit, but we finally got all the pieces where the should be. Then we took my phone and opened the app. We needed to point the phone at the puzzle and once it is lined up, it appears on the phone screen animated. Then Mary-Grace started squashing ants that were trying to get to the apple. At one point a few ants made it to the food, then a gigantic queen ant started to make her way to the apple, but Mary-Grace quickly regained control of the situation.

Popar 3D Interactive Puzzle Games Picnic

The “Princess” interactive puzzle game was a bit different because it had two different ways to play. The first showed the princess at the castle and you can direct her to walk or have her do different actions like jumping. There were also special effects, such as snow, balloons falling or even a disco.

Popar 3D Interactive Puzzle Games

The second way to play allowed Mary-Grace to dress the princess up by changing her hair color and style and there were many different styles, colors and patterns of dresses that she could put her character in. She spent over an hour just dressing the princess on my phone. This part does not require aiming the phone at the puzzle.

Popar 3D Interactive Puzzle Games

Thoughts on Popar 3D Interactive Puzzle Games
The princess puzzle game I wasn’t too thrilled about. While Mary-Grace did enjoy the dress up part, the actual interactive game itself didn’t really allow the princess much movement or action. She was able to move a few steps and had special effects and you could even take a picture of it, but that was about it. I wish that there was more to do with the interactive part of the game. We definitely enjoyed the “Picnic” puzzle game much more than the “Princess.”

I do think these are fun games that are priced right and I love the idea of completing the puzzle, then being able to play interactive games with it. I would like to see more actions or levels to the interactive part of the games so kids don’t end up getting bored doing the same thing over and over. I would also like to see some improvement on lining up the phone with the puzzle because it kept losing the focus and the game would pause. It is something you have to be sitting very still and keeping your hands on your phone in a certain spot as long as you are playing. This can be difficult for young children.

Even so, Mary-Grace had fun and they are quite affordable at $14.99. In addition to 3D Interactive Puzzle Games, Popar Toys also has interactive books, learning cards and board games.


Enter below for your chance to win your choice of one Popar 3D Interactive Puzzle Game! Check out the selection at Popar Toys. Just scroll about halfway down to the puzzles to see all the cool varieties! Giveaway is open to US Residents and ends on 9/17.

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  1. Monique Rizzo says

  2. Penny Hlavna says

    my grandkids like to use their moms I-phone – these 3-D puzzles would help them learn so much more than just playing the games their mom has on the phone

  3. Mender! says

    I really like the Interactive learning cards! It seems like a fun way to keep the kids learning and playing at the same time.


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